What on earth is earthing?

I'm a hippie: or at least when I talk about Earthing and connecting with the Earth, that is what is sounds like.

Have you been introduced to this revolutionary concept yet? Earthing is something I believe every single person should know about. It is a free, simple and an naturally easy way to choose health in your life.feet in grass

Say What?

Earthing is a term used to describe connection with the earth's electrical field, specifically (negatively charged ions) electrons. It has been scientifically shown to improve sleep, reduce pain, decrease inflammation, and decrease stress.

How does it work?

Earthing is a newly understood ancient technology. Historically, people would walk about barefoot, sleep on the ground; thereby, naturally connecting with the earth. Their bare skin in contact with the surface of the earth would facilitate the connection, allowing a transfer of free electrons from the earth's charged surface into the body. These flowing electrons act to stabilize the body's internal bioelectrical environments. In other words, the electrons help balance and neutralize electrical disturbances in our environment and our bodies. These disturbances are contributors to inflammation, pain and disease etc.

Today, we are disconnected from the earth. Wearing rubber soled shoes and living in homes separated from the surface of the ground, we are no longer grounded (aka. connected with the earth).

So, what does this mean to me?

The studies released on the impact of earthing are astounding! The effects of the free flow of earth's negative electrons into our bodies has immense benefits. At this point, I want to use a couple analogies to explain how earthing works, namely: an umbrella, a metronome and a fire extinguisher.

The umbrella: When you are grounded, the earth's electric field literally envelopes you and protects/shields you from other electromagnetic pollution (i.e. cell phones, computers etc.).

The metronome: Studies reveal that earthing balances cortisol levels allowing natural sleep rhythms. It also improves heart rate variability.

The fire extinguisher: Earthing neutralizes free radicals in the body directly at the sites and sources of inflammation, just like an antioxidant you might receive from food. Thus, it reduces inflammation. (Chronic inflammation is connected with every major disease.) At the same time, earthing affects your blood cells causing a natural thinning of the blood that increases oxygenation throughout the body. This increased oxygenation also serves to decrease inflammation in the body.

Getting started:

The best part about Earthing is you can start today. Tap into this amazing universal resource now! Kick off your shoes and go barefoot outside. You can also check out some of the research behind all this below, just click through on the links. I'd really encourage you to do so; the research is quite compelling.

In our home, we sleep grounded, work grounded and just live grounded. We have grounded sheets and mats that help facilitate this when we are inside our home. The Earthing technology that we have is one of the best investments we've ever made. You can see some great Earthing devices at www.earthing.com.

Thoughts? I'd love to hear-share below.