How To Beat A Cold & Get Back On Your Feet In No Time At All

Today we have a guest post by Jesse. This post isn't totally on the topic of healthiness, but since it's that time of year I thought it would be fun to post it - particularly since Jesse raises some good points about how living a healthy lifestyle can seriously reduce the number of occassions when cold and illness strike. Enjoy!


Enter; Jesse

Ah, the mystical cure for the common cold. We all wish that we had it, as by now we'd be millionaires - and we wouldn't have to put up with the annual autumnal sniffles. However, sadly, the magical pill eludes us.

That doesn't mean that there's absolutely nothing we can do to feel better, though. Read on for some top tips on getting up and at 'em quicker than you can say cough medicine! (Well, maybe not that quickly, but you see what I mean.)

Preventative Measures

Talking about cold remedies is only half of the battle (and in all honesty the most futile). If you already have a cold then it may be too late for you, but the best way that you can brush off a cold with little effect is by having a strong immune system.

One surefire way to get your system fighting fit is with a healthy, balanced diet all year round. But what are the best cold-fighting foods? Here are a few:

Everyone knows that vitamin C is supposed to help you to feel tonnes better when you've got the sniffles. But it's not just orange juice that contains the super vitamin. A hot honey and lemon drink, made with fresh ingredients, will soothe as well as offering vitamin C, and red Thai curry is also packed with the stuff - and will clear out your nose, too! Fresh tomatoes are also great.

Oily fish, like salmon, mackerel and trout, contain loads of omega 3 and fatty acids that can help to reduce inflammation. Preventing inflammation can help to ensure your immune system works properly, and ward off colds.

There have been studies that have shown that zinc can help to get rid of a cold more quickly. However, supplements have been known to cause headaches and nausea, so if you're a fan of seafood, one great way to get zinc into your system is through eating oysters.

Not just useful for warding off vampires, garlic is great for your health, too. It contains allicin, which creates antioxidants when it decomposes and apparently does wonders for your immune system. If you hate the stuff, consider just taking capsules between November and January to keep sniffles at bay.

Try to stick to a low fat, high fibre diet while you're unwell. Though comfort foods may make you feel better psychologically in the short term, nutritious foods will enable your body to repair itself. But, if you really have to have that ice cream, go for it. We won't judge.

Other than all of the above, try to avoid processed foods and eat lots of vegetables and lose some weight if you need to. Everything related to being fit and healthy also has a direct impact on your immune strength, so the better you treat your body, the fewer illnesses you will get.

But what if you already have a cold? How can you feel better right now?

Breathe easy

One of the most frustrating aspects of having a cold is the inability to breathe through your nose. Tackle this annoyance head on with steam inhalation. Simply pour some boiling water into a large bowl, and place your head over the bowl with a towel over your head. Add a few drops of Olbas oil if you like. Breathing in the steam for a few minutes will help to clear your airways. However, if you feel uncomfortable, stop.

Take a break

The best, and only way, to actually beat a cold is to have a good old rest, at least for a couple of days. If it's not possible to sleep off your cold - for example if you have to go to work - warn people that you aren't feeling your best and that you might need to take it a little easier than usual. Your colleagues are unlikely to want your cold, however, and will hopefully send you home!

Drinking problem

We might sound like your mum here, but make sure that you have lots of water to drink. Orange juice is great for vitamin C, but you shouldn't be drinking it exclusively because it's also full of sugar. Make sure you supplement all of the cups of tea with pints of water, to help the toxins to flush out of your system and ensure you keep well hydrated.

About The Author

Hi there, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my post, and that you don't get too knocked down by illnesses this season. My name is Jesse by the way, I'm from where you can buy some helpful vitamins to bolster your own immune system this season. Good luck!