5 Bodyweight Chest Exercises For Big Pecs

If you have already rejected the idea of getting a gym membership, but you still want to build muscle and work on your chest, bodyweight exercises is what you need. Here are a selection of exercises that you can do virtually anywhere for a big chest without the weights.

Regular Press Ups

There's no avoiding it I'm afraid. If you want to work out without using weights there is no better way to do it than by getting your press ups absolutely down pat. Start small if you need to by doing them from your knees.

However you do them you should focus on getting the form right, do them slowly and move all the way down and back up. Keep your back straight your head level so that you are looking at the floor.

Incline Press Ups

Building big muscles is all about increasing the load and building your strength - testofuel. If you are just starting it might seem like a lot to ask now, but this should be your first goal.

To do an incline press up you simple put your feet up on something such as a chair or a step. Raising your pivot point balances your body weight more towards your arms, such that you are putting more load on your chest. You can gradually raise your feet as you get stronger.

Chair Dips

Dips are probably one of the toughest bodyweight exercises, but if you can get the point of doing them well they will really work your arms, shoulders and chest; this is a great way to bulk out your look and avoid an over developed chest.

To do them in your home, simply put two chairs back to back and about 2 feet apart. Use tea towels to make the chair backs more comfortable. Use a step to support your feet if you want to work up to the full dip.

Press Ups Between Chairs

Ok, so now turn those chairs the other way around and push them a bit further apart. Get another chair for your feet too. This version of a press up basically sees you with your feet on one chair and a hand on each of the other two.

The beauty of this variation is that you can drop your body further down than you would with a normal press up - this means that you can really stretch those chest muscles and get the blood flowing.

Clapping Press Ups

Building big muscles is all about building strength and power. A clapping press up, just as it sounds is one where you push up with a jump and clap your hands before placing them back on the floor.

This might sound really tough, and it is - but for a really big chest, this is your first step toward the most extreme press up variations that the pros use to show off: Such as one arm press ups and the like.

For Best Results: Use All Of These Techniques Together To Build A Chest Ripping Workout!